Instagram, slit-scan effects and contemporary folklore converge in their new video.

“Software folk” duo Kelora are back after a short hiatus with a new single. ‘X24’ is an eerie lament penned on a night bus in Glasgow.

The accompanying video, which was directed by Jacek Zmarz and Kelora on zero budget, sees the duo exploring Instagram’s current obsession with the esoteric and magical, putting a contemporary twist on fairy tales and folklore. The visual also makes use of slit-scan cinematography, an analog technique developed for the film Vertigo and used during the iconic star gate sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“We aimed to give off a sense of isolation unique to now, combined with the aftermath of dreams being broken”, the duo explained to FACT. “We also wanted to take the current obsession with fairies and magical imagery on social media to a darker and more depressing place as well as embodying a contemporary approach to folklore and folk tropes – which we also like to reference in our music.”

The video was styled by by Sarah McCormack and Slid Needham, additional photography was by Hannah Baum and editing by John O’Riordan. 

‘X24’ is out now.

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