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FACT mix 708: Szare

Manchester’s Szare turns in two hours of heady rave hedonism.

Back in 2009, Andrew Diaczuk and Jack Coulton sent a demo to techno label Horizontal Ground under the moniker “”. When decoded, this sequence of numbers reads “SZARE” and the duo set about embarking on a mission to twist electronic music into bizarre new shapes.

A decade later, Szare is now the solo project of Andrew Diaczuk and has moved from the skeletal techno formations of Szare’s early 12″s to a bass-heavy, rave-friendly sound that screams of contemporary Manchester. More recently, Szare has been seen on Mumdance and Logos’s Different Circles imprint with the Kodiak / Translocated 12″ and earlier this year released the crushing POLITY001 on Bristol’s newly-minted Polity Records imprint.

Both records highlight Diaczuk’s interests at the moment: cavernous rave atmospherics, heavy bass, unusual rhythms and searing white noise. It shouldn’t be too difficult to work out the direction of his FACT mix then, as Szare spends two hours diving into the current bounty of essential bass and club music around right now, dipping his toes into the global dance continuum.

There’s material from Kenyan wunderkind (and last week’s FACT mix provider) Slikback, tracks from FACT favorites like Low Jack, DJ Plead, DJ Nervoso, Osheyack and Lee Gamble, cuts from pioneers Substance and DJ Stingraw and new material from Szare himself. If you wanna hear what a dark, foggy room in Manchester sounds like at 4am, this should do the trick.


Ipek Gorgun – ‘Bohemian Grove’ [Touch]
Substance – ‘Distance’ [Ostgut Ton]
Low Jack – ‘Robert’ [Editions Gravats]
??? – ???
Sin Falta – ‘Diamonds’ [Youth]
M.E.S.H – ‘Atemlos’ [Pan]
Garum – ‘Pickle Eye’ [The Trilogy Tapes]
Walton – ‘Submerged’ [Kaizen]
Slikback – ‘Zuhura’ [Hakuna Kulala]
Clouds – ‘Clubber’s Guide To Wreaking Havoc’ [Electric Deluxe]
Noize Creator – ‘Special Cleanse’ [Bruits de Fond]
Metrist – ‘ME Siphoning’ [Different Circles]
MMM – ‘Syncro’ [MMM]
Freddy Fresh – ‘Freestyle 808’ [Spaziotempo]
Bambounou – ‘Temple’ [Whities]
Gaunt – ‘She’s No Patsy’ [Not So Much]
Church Andrews – ‘2.1’ [Health]
Code Walk – ‘Touch’ [Peder Mannerfelt]
Cienfuegos – ‘Slipping Venus’ (Entro Senestre remix) [Bank]
Dj Plead – ‘Shoulder Pop’ [Nervous Horizon]
King Doudou – ‘Novinha (Feat. MC Buseta & Kaydy Cain)’ [Editions Gravats]
Nazar – ‘Enclave’ [Hyperdub]
Dj Nervoso – ‘Djj’ [Príncipe]
Zenker Bros – ‘Sample Predator’ [ILIAN TAPE]
Nene H – ‘Let Someone Like Me’ [Intrepid Skin]
NHK – ‘Entire set 2 1’ [Raster Noton]
Yilan – ‘Devil’s Breath’ [Jelly Bean Farm]
W3C – ‘Event Horizon’ [Infinite Machine]
Logos – ‘Marsh Lantern’ [Different Circles]
Xyn Cabal – ‘NOWEI’ [The Death of Rave]
Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch – ‘Transmission’ [Downwards]
hmurd – ‘clip that [clubmix]’ [Tobago Tracks]
Acid Jesus – ‘Radium’ [Klang Elektronik]
Szare – ???
Violet Micro – ‘I Know’ [NovaMute]
Dj Nervoso – ’27aca’ [Príncipe]
??? – ???
Bad Time – ‘Bad Time’ [Ferpas Music]
Code Walk – ‘Red’ [Peder Mannerfelt]
Starski & Clutch – ‘Michigan Ave.’ [Databass]
Dj Stingray – ‘Serotonin’ [WéMè Records]
Marstman – ‘Klickoff’ [Hidden Hawaii]
Shiken Hanzo – ‘Menpo’ [A14]
Szare – ???
Osheyack – ‘Untitled 6’ [Bedouin]
Szare – ???
Lee Gamble – ‘Fata Morgana’ [Hyperdub]

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