Mija knows a DJ’s role requires a certain desire for invisibility.

A veteran of festival stages, the Phoenix-bred artist sought to find a new place for herself when she realized the songs she was crafting weren’t for the club.

FACT visited Mija at her home in Los Angeles where she talked about the transition from touring as a DJ to preparing for a tour as a frontwoman. (The tour was subsequently canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Our short film Desert Trash – also the name of her most recent album which is out now – is a peek behind the creative curtain. Mija inventories her painting, including works completed on artist’s trip to Mexico, and invites us to her band practice.

Shot on digital and 16mm, the gorgeous landscape of Mija’s home and the Hollywood Hills are as much characters in this piece as the artist herself.

Director/producer: Claire Lobenfeld
Cinematographer: Candice Nachman
Editor: Robert Nachman

16mm: Kodak

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