A spontaneous work created using the duo’s first augmented reality filter.

In the fourth of a series of four NFTs being made available for auction by Russian multidisciplinary duo 404.zero in partnership with Fact, Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius present an augmented reality (AR) installation, Arrival.

Arrival is a spontaneous video, shot from the window of the duo’s studio, edited together with another two looking at the sea in Saint Petersburg. “We spent most of the time in the lockdown period here,” the duo says. “We made this filter in NYC last year – it was our first AR Instagram filter.”

“The idea of the AR filter was to give any person (with a modern smartphone) the ability to bring our audiovisual installation to any place with a single tap. On the other hand – we had no limitation about technical production which always presented when producing the real piece, and there was no thoughts in our heads about deadline, cables, budgets, technical direction and so on.”

Arrival is available to bid on here. Each NFT will be showcased by Fact in a virtual exhibition throughout this week. You can find the pieces at 404.zero’s SuperRare profile and you can find more information on buying NFTs at SuperRare here.

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