Actual Objects on their immersive installation Vicky, which tells the story of a future disaster through multiple viewpoints.

Actual Objects is an experimental creative studio whose practice focuses on world-building through a number of traditional and technological artistic techniques. Painting and live action film co-exist with 3D animation, AI and programming in the studio’s work, which includes music videos for Yves Tumor, A.G. Cook and Sega Bodega, as well as campaigns for Converse, Hood By Air and Marine Serre.

The studio’s latest work is Vicky, an interactive film currently installed at Fact and 180 Studios’ Future Shock exhibition that tells the non-linear story of a future hurricane on the southern border of the United States in 2028. The narrative, which is augmented by sound design from Theo Karon, is spread across multiple screens, each of which houses a different character reflecting on the situation in different ways.

“What we were trying to do with the piece is elucidate a kind of dichotomy of feelings,” says Actual Objects co-founder Rick Farin. “So one where you have this very intimate experience with the character where you can walk up to the screen and hear them very clearly, and you have this very visceral, intimate feeling”.

In this film, Actual Objects’ Rick Farin, Claire Farin and Case Miller talk about the ideas and techniques behind Vicky, and how their earlier work proved instrumental in the creation of the work.

Vicky is showing now at Future Shock, at 180 the Strand, London until 28 August, 2022. For tickets and information on opening times, visit the 180 The Strand website.

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