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Campbell Addy presents immersive solo exhibition at 180 Studios

ICampbell features 36 original pieces amongst set design by Ibby Njoya and soundscape by producer CKTRL.

London fashion photographer and artist Campbell Addy, whose work has been shown in Dazed, i-D, Vogue and TIME, and exhibited in locations including Paris, New York and Oslo, will present a brand new, immersive solo exhibition at London’s 180 Studios this month.

Titled ICampbell, the show features 36 original pieces including photography, paintings, a new film shot in Ghana and spatial design curated by renowned set designer Ibby Njoya. The exhibition has been designed as an immersive experience, featuring a soundscape by instrumentalist and producer CKTRL that creates what is described as a “world within love, grounded by nature.”

Addy’s work work unique narratives and authentic emotions in nature, with a focus on distinctive casting and under-represented faces. As he explains, the show marks a moment of reflection in his eight-year career, describing it as an “exhibition of vulnerabilities” that speaks to the minutiae of his life that inform his creative practice yet have fallen through the cracks throughout his career.

ICampbell marks a turning point in Addy’s life and career, at which he is contemplative and questioning his purpose and direction on the road ahead, with a desire to rediscover what had first sparked his creative curiosity.

“I feel like I lost the essence of who Campbell is over the last four years,” Addy says. “I don’t think it was good or bad, I just think that happens to young artists who are plucked from obscurity and thrown into the deep end. I think I took some time away to grow so that I could come back and do it all over again – that’s how it feels.”

ICampbell runs from 11 May until 4 June, 2023. Tickets are available now from the 180 The Strand website.

Campbell Addy: ICampbell

180 Studios
180 The Strand 
London, WC2R 1EA
11 May – 4 June, 2023

10am – 7pm, Wednesday– Sunday 

Photography: Kemka Ajoku

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