Bruce showcases his stunning new sound with a haunting medley, performed live on the XR stage at 180 Studios.

Larry McCarthy, the artist also known as Bruce, joins forces with artist Mooje and stylist Holly Gillman to provide a glimpse of his stunning live show with a medley of three new songs, captured on the XR stage at 180 Studios. Over the course of 2023 the artist has slowly revealed his metamorphosis from intricate club producer to lovelorn pop crooner, having stepped away from club music as the industry collapsed during the pandemic.

Drawing as much inspiration from tearful Country icons Johnny Cash, Lee Hazelwood and Marty Robbins as legendary pop contortionists David Sylvian, Scott Walker and Björk, McCarthy sheds the precision of his club constructions in favour of ragged emotion, rewiring his production wizardry to coax out more direct expression and fresh clarity from eternal themes of yearning, desire, love and the turbulence and pain that draws in their wake.

“A thankful but sorry farewell,” McCarthy says of ‘Dappled Light,’ “realising, despite the beauty that such a sprouting romance could bring, the love it needs to fully bloom is not yet ready to be given.” Here, he finds mournful brightness in crystalline synthesis, snatches of breaks and pitch shifting vocals.

Fact Live: Bruce Credits

Written & Performed by Bruce
Art Direction & Animation – Mooje
Stylist – Holly Gillman
Costume Designer – Anna Roggenhofer
Director of Photography – Kamil Dymek
Technical Director – Pawel Ptak
Producer – Henry Bruce-Jones

Filmed live at 180 Studios, for Fact

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