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Julio Bashmore, Mutya Keisha Siobhan, Mr. Oizo & Marilyn Manson and more reviewed in the FACT Singles Club, July 8 2013

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    8 Jul 2013
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    FACT Singles Club
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Julio Bashmore – ‘Duccy’


Joseph Morpurgo: Yuccy. (2)

Chris Kelly: So, is it a tool or a troll? I’m leaning towards the former. Sure, it’s more simplistic than simple, but is it that different than ‘Husk’? It also follows last year’s ‘Troglodytes’; maybe this is just how little regard he holds for his audience. (3)

John Twells: I know this has been slagged off by pretty much the entire internet now, and while it isn’t the worlds worst single, it’s pretty bad. Actually bad doesn’t really do it justice, it’s just dull as ditchwater. It sounds like a tech demo for a DAW with the voiceover removed. (3)

Joe Moynihan: Part of me is convinced this tune is some sort of mad post-whatever PR-campaign to make everyone talk about vitriolic Soundcloud comments and maybe write a thinkpiece or seven about it and then have a dorky Fruity Loop demo do really well on the back of all that chitter chatter. It’s the sort of thing someone who bangs on about Miss Millie’s fried chicken on Twitter all the time would do, right? (Shouts to Millie btw – love your work x). Another part of me thinks this is just pony. (3)

Joe Muggs: Hate to say it but it’s a bit of a grower. Yes it sounds like an absolute pisstake at first, but so do loads of my favourite Relief Records classics, for example. It’s a big, dumb, simplistic DJ tool, no more, no less – certainly not worth getting sand in your genitals over. (5)

Chal Ravens: Is anyone else worried we’ve become the victims of an elaborate prank orchestrated by Bashmore for his own sick amusement, in which he dares himself to write ever stupider tracks in ever shorter time frames using only freeware from the early 2000s? It’s possible, on the evidence of this cretinous dose of bilge-house. Fine as early evening filler; absolutely not good enough for an almost-household name. (4)



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