Future invites Maroon 5 to party in their video for ‘Cold’

Watch Future turn into a teddy bear.

There’s a lot going on in the video for Maroon 5 and Future’s new collaboration ‘Cold’.

Adam Levine, who looks a bit like Spike from Buffy in a Wu-Tang T-shirt these days, has been summoned to a party at Future’s house, but only plans on staying for one drink. The Maroon 5 frontman pulls up to Future’s lavish house and heads straight to the bar, but the evening soon spirals out of control when a bartender slips some sort of powerful hallucinogenic into his drink.

It all goes a bit Fear and Loathing meets Donnie Darko after that, with creepy animal masks, an underwater wedding scene and giant chickens performing oral sex on humans. At one point, Future even turns into a teddy bear – just a regular Wednesday night.

The ATL rapper is set to drop his eponymous new album tomorrow (February 17), which he plans to take on a massive tour this summer with Migos, Young Thug and more.

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