Sebastian Voigt – Against The Clock

Berlin’s Sebastian Voigt makes a deep, motorik house track in 10 minutes.

Most people move from London to chase their techno dreams in Berlin, but Sebastian Voigt did the opposite, moving to the UK to make a name for himself in underground house circles as part of the Lo*kee parties.

Since moving back to Berlin he’s found a home on the city’s Outcast Oddity label, releasing deep, driving house music full of pulsing analog synth lines and motorik rhythms he plays at his residency at Friedrichshain’s Wilde Renate club.

Voigt’s Against The Clock sees him use the wide range of studio tools at his disposal, going all the way from his cheap Korg Monotron to Microtonic drum synth and Eurorack modular synth.

Listen to the finished track below and look out for more releases from Voigt on Outcast Oddity in the near future.

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