More innovative gear from Bastl Instruments.

Czech gear company Bastl Instruments has revealed its latest unique contraption, a digital tape effects unit called Thyme.

Described as “a sequenceable robot-operated digital tape machine”, Thyme allows you to manipulate an incoming audio signal in multiple ways, such as affecting speed or adding delay.

Each of its parameters, which also include feedback, filter and volume, have a dedicated modulation source called the “Robot”. This is used to automate the effects, and can control an LFO, external CV gear or an envelope follower.

Bastl says the “Robot” is capable of creating “psychedelic” sound effects by phasing the left and right channels, while the 32-step sequencer can be used to create up to four patterns.

The effects unit is one of a long line of weird and wonderful boxes from Bastl, which is also responsible for the Microgranny sampler, Kastle synth and a series of wood panelled Eurorack modules.

Bastl expects the Thyme to be available in May, but hasn’t revealed a price yet. Ask.Audio got an early look at the unit at this year’s Superbooth show in Berlin – watch it in action below.

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