So a while ago, we linked to a video that you all seemed to like very much.

It was from the extended TV version of 1983 documentary Breakin’ n Enterin’, and featured Egyptian Lover, one of the masters of the Roland-TR808 drum machine, giving a brief tutorial on how to use the box (filmed, we believe, around 1981).

Now, given how popular FunkinEven’s recent MPC tutorial for FACT TV also was, when we heard that the Egyptian Lover was in London this Summer, we asked if he was down to recreate the scene for 2012. Being a total gent, he was up for it, and built a beat live for us in his hotel room after performing at Blunted. Of course the speakers that we brought didn’t work, so the Lover ended up plugging his 808 straight into the hotel alarm clock, which made it all even cooler.

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