How To Make a Track is a series that offers an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how the world’s best producers make their music.

In this episode, we visit the Berlin studio of vocalist and producer Lyra Pramuk, whose debut album Fountain features seven tracks of “futurist folk music” made entirely with her own voice.

While Pramuk’s extraordinary vocals provide the raw material, she employs various electronic techniques in the studio to realise her musical vision, inspired by both her childhood experience in her local Pennsylvania church choir and ideas of post-humanism.

Pramuk shows us some of the strategies and techniques she uses to generate ideas in the studio, from vocal warm-ups and improvisation to processing her voice with effects and granular synthesis to create rhythm and texture. Finally, she shows us how these ideas work in practice with an explanation of how she composed Fountain highlight, ‘Tendril’.

Fountain is available now on Bedroom Community.

Live performance footage excerpts borrowed with permission from:
URSSS in Milan, Italy
Antero Hein from Hein Creations in Oslo, Norway
Norberg Festival in Norberg, Sweden
CTM Festival in Berlin, Germany

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