Dinos Chapman – who, Peter Pan-style, has remained one of contemporary art’s best-known enfant terribles for over two decades – has got the once over from Actress.

February saw the release of Chapman’s debut LP Luftbobler, an evocative collection of chipper IDM and Stockhausen-indebted electronic tinkering. On April 20 – which, as you should know by now, is Record Store Day – The Vinyl Factory will put out the two-track Luftbobler Remixed/Remastered EP, featuring a new remix from Actress. His remix is a thudding, industrial affair, albeit one swatted in his usual murk and fog – think British Murder Boys, as heard from the queue outside the club. Check out the edit below.

Luftbobler Remixed/Remastered will be strictly limited to 500 copies. Similarly limited The Vinyl Factory releases are also slated from Little Boots, The Shining and Panteros666 – head here for more details.

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