Alex Koenig’s Nmesh project wooed us this year on the strength of his epic-length and densely psychedelic FACT mix..

If that stoned marathon provided a sort of gateway drug to vaporwave, consider his new split album with t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 to be the next step. The Path To Lost Eden is a double-cassette release through Dream Catalogue — who also released this year’s excellent I’ll Try Living Like This by Death’s Dynamic Shroud. According to the label, the two-year-in-the-making album charts the journey laid out in the title. On the first tape, Nmesh provides the soundtrack of the Path, then for the second hour t e l e p a t h creates the aural Lost Eden itself.

You can get a taste for the release below through a single from each artist as well as the psilocybin-soaked album trailer.

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