The Swedish techno duo take on the Plunge stand-out for their first release as Aasthma.

The remix arrives at the culmination of the duo’s work on live versions of Fever Ray’s Plunge world tour, and will be available from July 6. Check out a snippet of the track at Peder Mannerfelt’s SoundCloud, or listen below.

Subverting the stomping ethereality of the original track, the duo accelerate Karin Dreijer’s vocals into an anthemic refrain, catapulting them along with clattering drums and distorted bass, resulting in an uptempo belter masterfully crafted from Dreijer’s softly sung ode to transgression.

The track will be followed by a new EP, entitled Only The Appraiser, which is scheduled for release on the duo’s new label, also called Aasthma, in early September.

Fever Ray’s Plunge World Tour continues, check out their website for live dates. Dreijer also recently reunited with her former bandmate and brother – Olof Dreijer of The Knife – for a remix of ‘Wanna Sip’. Listen to the track below:

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