It’s no secret that we’ve fallen head over heels for Mumdance‘s Twists & Turns mixtape.

Mumdance has been kicking around for years, releasing on Mad Decent and other labels, but it’s this year that he seems to have really nailed his own sound – in no short part due to his studio set-up, where he runs a Roland TR-909 drum machine and various synthesisers through outdated equipment that gives it a distinctive crunch. It’s a simplistic way of phrasing it – but it’s basically old grime meets old techno, and it sounds great.

FACT TV spent an afternoon in Mumdance’s studio last week: on this first video, he explains how the 909 works and rolls out a live jam on the drum machine, and in a second video, published tomorrow, he talks us through his gear and rolls out a 909 ‘n’ samples live session. You can read up on Twists & Turns here.

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