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Industrial electronics, party rap and Rome Fortune: the week's best free mixes

Each week, FACT’s Mixtape Round-Up trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

Change is afoot here at FACT HQ – the weekly mixes column will now be coming to you every Friday, with the mixtapes column being compiled into a biweekly list dropping every other Thursday.

It’s a Halloween party this week, with gloomy industrial electronics, cauldron-bubbling bass experiments, trap that Jigsaw would be proud of and so much more.

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Mix of the week:

Mysterious PAN operative F#X turns in a belter of a mix here by looking back to go forward. It’s no secret that we harbor a bit of a soft spot for IDM over here at FACT HQ, so kicking your mix off with an edit of Autechre’s ‘Draun Quarter’ (from their world-beating Envane EP) is a pretty faultless way to get us on side. F#X doesn’t fluff it from there either, tumbling through industrial textures and clattering electronic percussion before settling on a flow that might be mistaken for techno if you’re not listening carefully. This one’s best in the dark, mouth frothing, head nodding. Luckily, it’s the season.


Solid Steel is a long-running institution for a damn good reason – without fail they keep managing to sweep up some of the best producers in the game, and this week’s offering from Peverelist is no exception. Pev drags us through a range of sounds, kicking off with modular synth squiggles before throwing on some pounding techno business and moving into all kind of wonky beat-driven experiments. Fuck an outsider tag, this is just good quality, chunky dance music with an edge.


The unstoppable Skinny Friedman returns with the fourth edition of his popular Chobani and Adderall series, and yet again has managed to get local funnyman Kid Mero to host. Fans of the series will know what to expect, and as usual Skinny’s selection is a top notch list of the rap you need to be listening to right now. That means Bobby Shmurda (nay sayers beware), BeatKing, Run The Jewels, Makonnen, Rome Fortune, Rich Gang, Dej Loaf and loads more, and we certainly can’t complain. If you’ve been wondering what the hell’s been happening in rap over the last few months – here’s your Cliff Notes.


One of our favorite rappers tries his hand at DJing on his mix for SSENSE. On his recently-released Small VVorld, Rome proved that his eclecticism wasn’t just a talking point, as he collaborated with producers as diverse as Four Tet, suicideyear, Blood Diamonds and Bassnectar while remaining true to his style. Along with super-current rap tracks by Makonnen and Bankroll, you’ll find Actress’ apropos ‘Rap’, dreamy beatcraft by Dogbite and Active Child, originals by Small VVorld newcomers Dizzle and Lava Dome — the latter of whom he appears to be collaborating with as LAVAROME. Rome isn’t a pro-level mixer yet, but it’s an interesting glimpse into what he’s listening to these days — and what’s to come.


Mixes by Jack “Jackmaster” Revill are no stranger to the pages of FACT, but the latest from the Numbers co-founder is a bit different than what we’ve come to expect. Rather than the reckless abandon of his recent Essential Mix with Oneman or his R&B and pop-flirting Mastermixes, Jackmaster’s entry in the XLR8R podcast series is two-hours of straight-ahead house and techno. Tracks by Roman Flugel, Matthew Dear, DJ Sprinkles and MK keep the groove going, while the penultimate track hints at what could be next for Numbers.

Download via XLR8R


FACT contributor / MIDI expert Ryan Diduck steps up with an all-vinyl set for A Closer Listen. Comprised of what he’s been listening to recently, expect glitchy, brutal techno and rough-edged experimental electronics from FACT favorites PAN, Blackest Ever Black and Hospital. Plus, any mix that kicks off with Robin Williams and closes with Enya is good in our book.

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