Jean-Michel Jarre’s new album Electronica 1 features an ensemble cast of collaborators, from John Carpenter and Air to Little Boots to Fuck Buttons.

In a new interview with FACT, the veteran musician reveals that Electronica 2, the album’s sequel set for release in April 2016, features David Lynch, Hans Zimmer, Julia Holter and Gary Numan.

“To be clear, the artists on the second are not there due to some sort of hierarchy”, Jarre explains, “but just because some tracks I had not finished, so I said they’d be on the second one. There are plenty of interesting people; Gary Numan and David Lynch and Hans Zimmer and Julia Holter… Different people covering four decades of electronic music who are all a source of inspiration to me, and who I feel I share a special link with.”

Jarre also reveals that “as an experiment [he’s] releasing four or five tracks from each album in audio 3D that will become available.”

Watch out for the full interview on FACT later today, and read up on Electronica 1.



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