We first tipped London trio YGG for success back in April, after the trio’s appearance on Spooky’s GimmeGrime set. Since then they’ve become a semi-regular fixture on Rinse FM and Radar, and released their debut single ‘Okay’ (there’s also this PK freestyle, which is lowkey one of 2015’s best tracks.)

On their FACT Freestyle they show off the dynamics that make them such a formidable unit: they know each other’s ad libs like the back of their hands, they’re as much about crew bars as they are individual lyrics, and flow-wise Strally is like the perfect medium between PK’s machinegun flow (and his dancing!) and Saint’s more laid-back approach. Props for the matching bags too, though one of them has apparently made an error on that front.

Nottingham producer Riddla provides the beat.

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