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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week there’s altered states of consciousness from Aïsha Devi, warehouse bosh from Truss & Tessela, a killer set of unreleased productions from Inkke, nu-metal club covers from Kamixlo and more.

Aïsha Devi
Dummy Mix 286 – ‘Lets Talk About The Invisible’

“I’m looking for music that leads me to an altered state of consciousness – via frequencies, ritual pulses, and earthy beats,” Danse Noire founder and Houndstooth artist Aïsha Devi says of her Dummy mix. It’s a fairly accurate encapsulation of the blend of club-focused beats and meditative sonics on display, which includes Dead Can Dance, J.G. Biberkopf, Beneath, Imaabs, Kuedo and The KLF.

Dazed Mix

The Endless resident picks tracks to be welded, not blended; sparks fly when his fiery ‘Demonic Yute’ collab with Lexxi pulls up against Halycon Veil’s pitch-black Young Thug flip ‘Maverick Dome’, and the mood of 21st Century Gothic is maintained from start to finish with bits from Lotic, Evian Christ, Kablam, Angel-Ho and related crew. It’s all bookended by a couple of “emotional nu-metal songs” covered by Uli K and Malibu, because Kamixlo’s nice like that.

Truss & Tessela
This is the Way to Sonning Common (EE 400)

Electronic Explorations marked eight years and 400 podcasts this week as techno brothers-in-arms Tessela and Truss had a bosh on the long-running series. The result is like one of those peak time 2am warehouse sets legends are made of – buckle up for 90 minutes of Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, Surgeon, Muslimgauze and some forthcoming material from the pair’s rebooted Poly Kicks label.

Production Mix (Unreleased tracks 2012-2015)

Originally self-released as a limited-to-50 CD-R, this mix spans four years of productions from Glasgow nutter Inkke, from darkside drum tracks to hyper-melodic sunset music. We’d say keep an eye out for the wonky ‘Pioneer’ and the teary ‘5am Frost’, but really, everything here’s good.

Marcellus Pittman
NTS Radio mix

One of Detroit’s favourite sons touches down for a guest show on London’s NTS, and although house is at the heart of the set, some of the best moments come when he drops the tempo and gets floaty. Plus – plenty of cowbell. Result!

Little Tapes 018

While we wait eagerly for Bandshell to drop another record, we do at least have this killer mix to tide us over. After a disconcerting spoken word intro that samples cult stand-up comedian Ted Chippington, we’re treated to 45 minutes of skewed hardcore, new age ambience and psych guitar woven together in Bandshell’s oddball style.

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