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The Week’s Best Videos: Bond villains, PC Music and Do The Right Thing

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Welcome to FACT’s weekly video round-up.

As we note at the end of every year, music videos have never been better. But too often, music videos — along with documentaries, live sets and interview clips — get lost in the shuffle of news and new music.

With that in mind, FACT is doing what it does for mixes, mixtapes, vinyl and more: rounding up the internet’s best videos on a weekly basis. And to remove our bias, we won’t be including our own content — you’ll have to stay tuned to FACT TV for all your Against The Clock, FACT Freestyles and Confessions needs.

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Miike Snow
‘Genghis Khan’
Dir: Ninian Doff

Bond villains are people, too. The gold-plated supervillain in ‘Genghis Khan’ has a wife and two kids, but he only feels alive when dancing in his secret hideout — a passion shared with his tuxedoed (former) foe. (Stay tuned for the stinger.)

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Bonnie McKee
’Wasted Youth’
Dir: Darren Craig

The ‘Wasted Youth’ video is a tribute to 70s California love and a parade of visual gags (a Froot Loops bath, a bed of marshmallows, bubblewrap wrestling) heavy on playful, Instagram-filtered sexuality that’s somewhere between El Guchino’s ‘Bombay’ and Miley’s ‘We Can’t Stop’.

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Danny L Harle
‘Broken Flowers’

One of 2014’s best songs finally gets a proper video. The PC Music anthem’s lyrics and beat take over a print shop, bringing some excitement to the monotonous existence of a shop girl. The album’s art comes to life as a terrarium, and Harle shows up as the repair man for printers-gone-mad.

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DJ Mustard feat. Travis Scott
‘Whole Lotta Lovin’
Dir: Alex Nazari

DJ Mustard’s latest single gets the trap-EDM treatment it deserves: pixelated videos screens, smoke-filled rooms, Los Angeles landscapes and — most notably — chillingly melted faces.

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Hervé feat. TT the Artist
‘Dance To My Beat’
Dir: TT the Artist

TT the Artist teams with fidget house survivor Hervé for ‘Dance To My Beat’, and the Baltimore-based polymath stars in and directs the neon dance video.

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Dir: Rostam Batmanglij

Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij steps out on his own with the lyric video for ‘EOS’, which finds poignancy through the subtle animation of Jon Race.

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Boosie Badazz
‘Smile To Keep From Crying’
Dir: Boosie Badazz & Sedrick Savoy

As far as the title is concerned, Boosie is much closer to crying than smiling in the touching video for this In My Feelings (Goin’ Thru It) single, which juxtaposes his struggle with the faces of the people around him.

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Mack Wilds
’Love in the 90z’
Dir: Benny Boom

Tristan “Mack” Wilds (best known as Michael on The Wire or as Adele’s ex in the ‘Hello’ video) goes back to Bed-Stuy for ‘Love in the 90z’, a throwback R&B jam with a Do The Right Thing-inspired video — there’s even a Radio Raheem analogue. As for the 90s, Wilds was born in 1989.

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’30 Keys’
Dir: Ka

Ka’s approach to music is no-frills. In kind, the video for the Brownsville rapper’s latest single is stark and simple: a black-and-white document of a night spent watching Superfly and hanging on rainy streets.

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Joey LaBeija
‘Shattered Dreams’
Dir: Arena

Joey LaBeija brings the violence and claustrophobia of ‘Shattered Dreams’ to life in a red-letterboxed video that finds the producer heading out before being dragged into the void, the video sped up to match the track’s frenetic beat.

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