The week’s best mixes: Laurel Halo, Brenmar, Jazzy Jeff brings the summertime

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Summer, summer, summertime! Summer, summer, summertime!!! Maybe if we just keep repeating this mantra the world will have a word with itself and stop being such planet-sized sack of shit? That’s the thinking behind our co-sign of this season’s poolside entertainment from Jazzy Jeff, anyway: JUST PRETEND, please. Elsewhere we’ve got a killer mix from a Hyperdub favourite, Pakistani film music and some of 2016’s overlooked hip-hop gems.

Laurel Halo
Truancy Volume 150

Truants toasts its 150th mix with a killer summertime selection from Laurel Halo. Like her  recent In Situ EP for Honest Jon’s, it’s rhythmically adventurous and steeped in atmosphere, seamlessly flitting between gqom, UK funky, techno and everything in between. If you’re looking for a mix of cutting edge club music but you’re not feeling the rowdier sounds of the Bala Club and Staycore crews, this is the perfect alternative.

Grey Zone Vol. 1

Brenmar has always been on top of what’s bubbling under and overlooked in rap, whether featuring Tiga Calore on the endlessly underrated ‘Payroll’ from High Times Vol. 1 or enlisting ManMan Savage and Beatking for ‘She Already Know It’. The first edition of Grey Zone, the Brooklyn producer’s new monthly mix series, acts like a celebration of the best overlooked rap and R&B of the year. Sure, Coloring Book is one of the most critically and publicly hailed album of the year, but no one is talking about Chance and Future the way they’re talking about Chance and Bieber. We love Kodak Black, but even his ‘Lockjaw’, featuring French Montana, has gone under the radar. The club gets some love too, with ‘New Patan’ from Leeds producer Mina (whose Seal Paul refix just got the For Club Use Only nod) is a particular standout. Ultimately,
Grey Zone is a neatly wrapped collection for those who need a little bit more dancefloor potential in their trunk-rattlers.

Premonition mix

We will pry open our earholes for anything the Marionette label have going after being wowed by an Akira Kurosawa-inspired EP by Swiss producer Kilchhofer earlier this year. Label boss Grimwig has combined forthcoming releases with bits from Raime, Cluster, Eurythmics, Max Loderbauer and more to create this ominous yet aura-expanding mix. Really quite special.

Pirate Modernity
Eid Special, NTS Radio, June 28

Pirate Modernity celebrate the end of Ramadan on their regular NTS Radio show with an Eid Special filled with Pakistani film music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. According to host Abeera Arif-Bashir there’s music here from a whopping 50kg of vinyl brought back from Pakistan, so if you’re not familiar with the Lollywood scene (Pakistan’s answer to Bollywood), this is one of the best guides you’ll get.

Jazzy Jeff & Mick
Summertime Vol. 7

Step 1: Press play on your Jazzy Jeff Summertime mix. Wait a moment.

Step 2: A BBQ and pool party will appear around you. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.

Step 3: Enjoy indefinitely. Replace buns as needed.



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