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Watch Intellijel show off 10 exciting new synth modules at NAMM 2017

FACT gets the details on Intellijel’s 2017 range of synth modules.

NAMM 2017 was full of great new Eurorack modules, but Intellijel had one of the biggest ranges of new gear, showing off 10 new products in total.

As well as Plonk, a percussion synthesizer made in collaboration with Applied Acoustic Systems capable of making everything from hi-hats to marimba sounds, Intellijel was showing off a new touch controller called Tetrapad and Quad VCA, which can act as a mixer, amplifier and VCA module.

Intellijel also had a new module called Shifty, which takes inspiration from the sequencing capabilities of Korg’s classic MonoPoly synth, and a redesign of the Springray module. There were also five new 1u tile modules on display along with new cases.

FACT visited Intellijel’s booth at NAMM 2017 and spoke to company founder Daniel van Tijn to find out more.

For more information, visit the Intellijel website, and keep an eye on FACT for more videos from NAMM 2017.

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