Make Music I by I 23.01.17

Get a sneak preview of Malekko’s new standalone synths and drum machine from NAMM 2017

Manther, Mr. D and BFF are modular-friendly.

Malekko Heavy Industry was one of many modular synth companies with new gear at NAMM 2017, but it wasn’t its modules that caught our eye – it was two desktop synths and a drum machine tucked away behind the booth.

Malekko’s new standalone range consists of an analog mono synth called the Manther inspired by Roland’s MC-202, the Mr. D drum machine and BFF, a synth collaboration with Industrial Music Electronics.

All three devices works by themselves, but each comes with the necessary outputs to patch into an existing Eurorack modular system. They were only on show in non-working prototype form at NAMM 2017, but FACT spoke to Malekko’s Ben Davis to find out more.

Keep an eye on the Malekko website for full details, and look out for more of FACT’s videos from the show.

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