Make Music I by I 23.01.17

See Qu-Bit’s awesome new synth modules in action at NAMM 2017

FACT gets a close look at four new Eurorack modules: Chance, Tone, Mixology and Contour.

Qu-Bit Electronix was one of many boutique modular synth companies exhibiting at NAMM this year, showing off four new modules for 2017.

As well as a random voltage generator called Chance, Qu-Bit was showing off a quad voltage-controlled filter called Tone, a four-channel stereo mixer called Mixology and a quad envelope generator, Contour.

FACT spoke to Qu-Bit founder Andrew Ikenberry at NAMM 2017 to get a demonstration of all four.

Keep an eye on the Qu-Bit website for more details and find all of FACT’s videos from NAMM 2017 here.

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