Korg’s all-in-one software studio arrives later this month.

Korg has announced the price and release date for the Mac version of its Gadget production studio, and it’s a lot more expensive than the iOS version.

According to a press release, Korg Gadget for Mac will be released on February 28 for $199, going up to $299 after an introductory period. The iOS version, released in 2014, costs just $39.99.

It’s a fairly steep price increase for a software studio that appears to be more or less the same program, except for the ability to split the window into four separate screens and the inclusion of all the instruments, which are optional in-app purchases on iOS.

For comparison, Apple’s own high-end audio studio Logic Pro X costs $199.99, while Ableton Live’s standard version costs $449. Korg Gadget is arguably one of the best studios for touchscreens, but it remains to be seen how that translates to desktop.

Korg has also announced that it will be selling Gadget via its new Korg Shop. It’s not clear if this will be the exclusive outlet for Gadget, or if will be available on the Mac App Store as well.

The company has also confirmed that both Korg Gadget for iOS and Mac will be getting support for audio recording and playback, features on the wish list of Gadget users since it launched in 2014.

Check Korg Gadget out in the video below.

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