Zora Jones and Taso have also contributed to the bass-heavy track series.

Pinch, Ikonika, DJ Paypal and a selection of other bass-focused producers have created a series of exclusive tracks designed for SUBPAC, the wearable technology that channels bass through your body.

Launched in 2013, SUBPAC has found a comfortable niche for itself among home listeners who want more than just a subwoofer, and producers, who want to get a sense of how their music affects the body when played through a large sound system.

The technology has long been supported by artists from the bass music community, and SUBPAC is taking that a step further with the launch of FEEL SUBPAC, “a platform to explore and experiment with the physical dimension of sound.”

FEEL SUBPAC contains both a selection of tracks created to show off the SUBPAC technology and studio tools for artists to help create their music for the platform, such as this sub-bass rack.

As well as exclusive tracks from Pinch, Ikonika and DJ Paypal, FEEL SUBPAC has exclusive music from Teklife’s Taso, Zora Jones and System Music’s V.I.V.E.K. among others. If you don’t have a SUBPAC, just crank the bass right up and stand by the speakers.

Listen below, and find out more at the FEEL SUBPAC site.

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