It can even play CV signals from SD card.

Tiptop Audio has introduced an affordable new Eurorack sample player called ONE, capable of playing sounds straight from an SD card.

The module comes with an SD card loaded with 60 free samples created by software studio Glitchmachines, but Tiptop Audio is selling further cards covering circuit bent sounds, natural percussion and more. If you want to use your own samples with ONE, all you need to do is upload them to an SD card as 16 or 24bit mono WAV files.

According to Tiptop Audio, the ONE is capable of low latency sample playback that takes audio data straight from the SD card, which should make it as responsive as an analog module. As for connections, ONE keeps things simple with just a single output, CV input and gate input.

Tiptop Audio's ONE is a versatile Eurorack sample player with a low price

The CV input is capable of controlling a few different parameters: free pitch, for tape speed effects, quantized pitch for making melodies and cycling through the files on the SD card for creating what Tiptop describes as “almost like an entire percussion section behind the slim panel.” ONE can also play CV signals from the SD card, making it capable of additional modulation and control.

ONE will be released soon. According to Modular Grid, it’ll cost just $175. Find out more at the Tiptop Audio site and watch it in action below.

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