It can also be used to control your modular synth.

Brooklyn’s Landscape has introduced Stereo Field, a new Buchla-style instrument that uses touch plates to generate and control sound.

Stereo Field’s touch plates are laid out as overlapping circles that represent two analog stereo circuits, which can be “patched” together or separately to create different sounds.

It has three different functions: sound generator, sound processor and controller. You can use it by itself to create sound, modify incoming sound or control an analog synth over CV, making it an ideal controller for modular owners.

The video below shows what the Stereo Field sounds like as a standalone instrument:

This is it connected to a Yamaha drum machine:

This is what it can do when it’s connected to a Eurorack system:

Stereo Field has both 1/4″ and 3.5mm minijack inputs and outputs, and comes in an aluminum and maple enclosure. You can pre-order one for $380 here, and it’s expected to ship in April. [via Synthtopia]

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