Exile’s latest creation is a another unique synth for Reaktor.

Tim Exile has released SLOO, a new software synthesizer for NI’s Reaktor 6 that creates sound from a “swarm” of up to 48 oscillators.

Standing for “shed load of oscillators,” SLOO is able to create anything from huge orchestral chords to bubbling mono synths. Its voice swarming algorithm allows it to shift the density and texture of the sound almost instantly, giving it a lot more movement than the average hardware (or software) synth.

SLOO’s control panel has a simple layout with only a few controls, making it easy for anyone to get interesting effects out of it, even if you find Reaktor itself confusing to navigate.

The main control is a mod wheel at the top which adjusts the synth’s voice swarm algorithm. Underneath is a “morph bar” that adds more sound-shaping options, making it possible to go from a kick drum to an ambient pad without the need to dive into any menus.

Like most of Tim Exile’s software instruments, such as his FLOWs loop sequencer and his sample-based synth Flesh, SLOO is built as much for live performance as studio work. It has a live quantize function as well as editable scales to help you stay in key.

SLOO costs £39 from Tim Exile’s website, but you’ll need a full copy of NI’s Reaktor 6 to use it. Watch Exile go in-depth on his custom-built Flow Machine instrument for FACT TV below.

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