It’s April 14, so fittingly, we’re celebrating Aphex Twin.

Aphex Twin is one of the most influential artists in electronic music and, really, across all genres. As his work has had such a profound effect on the FACT staff, we’ve taken this April 14 to dig deep into so much of what we love about his music and artistry.

Here you’ll find a survey of the most essential pieces of gear AFX used to create his signature, trailblazing sound and an exclusive of mix of deep cuts that explores just how big that influence looms. We’ve also looked deep into how his music can warp your teenage mind and change your approach to music forever. And it’s not just fans who have their world rocked by Aphex: we also speak to music video experimentalist in her own right Dawn Richard, aka D∆WN, about the inspiration she gained from Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin’s visual collaborations.

What else would April 14 be without an exploration of the track? We take a look at how ‘Avril 14th’ went from a quiet piano experiment to soundtracking an Oscar-winning film and being sampled by Kanye West.

Check out all of those pieces and more – like a giveaway for four passes to Field Day to see Aphex Twin – below. Happy April 14!

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