Volca owners, your prayers have been answered.

Bastl Instruments has introduced Dude, a tiny mixer designed for pocket-sized synths like the Korg Volca.

Shown off by the Czech boutique company at this year’s Superbooth show in Berlin, Dude is powered by four AA batteries and has five channels. It’s only monophonic, but according to Bastl it can drive your headphones, making it ideal for small portable rigs or submixing on stage.

As well as featuring mute switches, the mixer can be used to add up to 20dB of gain to each channel. It’s possible to feed the output back through the input to create wild feedback and distortion.

Dude will be popular with owners of Korg’s Volca series, Roland’s Boutique synths and Bastl’s own pocket-sized instruments, which have been missing an equally shrunken mixer for recording in small studios. However, Bastl could have a competitor in the shape of Minijam Studio, a synth, drum machine, mixer and speaker that costs just $163.

The mixer starts shipping in June, and is available for pre-order now from the Bastl store for €75. The company also has a new digital tape effect on the way called Thyme.

Hear the Dude’s sound-mangling capabilities in action via JustMusic’s video below.

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