Two sequencers, a filter and more.

Native Instruments has expanded its Reaktor Blocks system with five new synth modules.

Released in 2015, Blocks is an extension to NI’s popular Reaktor software, which replicates the Eurorack modular synth experience in software with a set of modules loosely inspired by real hardware.

The new Kodiak modules include two sequencers (curve and shift), and oscillator, a morph filter and “Flip Gen”, an experimental noise generator. According to NI, these aren’t based on any existing hardware, but “combine analog character with digital power”.

The new curve sequencer is ideal for drum sequencing, allowing you to create patterns by sequencing envelope shapes, while the shift sequencer seems to be aimed at melodic patterns, allowing you to sequence different note attributes independently.

The Duality Osc module is an advanced oscillator with controls for pulse modulation, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation and timbre. It also has a control for morphing smoothly between the four classic waveforms, allowing it to generate quite subtle changes in sound shape.

The morph filter features a circular interface split into sections, each of which holds a different set of filter settings for creating unusual filter sweeps. Finally, Flip Gen lets you control and mix between the two frequencies of an internal sine wave oscillator, and is capable of making unique percussion sounds.

The new modules are available as free updates to owners of Reaktor 6, which costs $199 from the NI website.

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