No, it’s not April 1.

Pac-Man is coming to Ableton Live, thanks to a new Max for Live device developed by Isotonik Studios.

Isotonik hasn’t offered much information on the forthcoming tool beyond a sneak preview on Facebook, but it forms part of its Arcade Series, which currently includes generative sequencers based on Asteroids, Tetris and Pong.

It appears as if Isotonik’s Pac-Man device will be centred around the game’s ghosts, with the interface featuring a control to affect their individual speed, which seems to be linked to variables like note velocity and length.

There’s no release date for the Pac-Man device yet, but the other devices in Isotonik’s Arcade Series are available as a pack for $33.13/£25.99. Check out a video of the Asteroids sequencer below. [via Ask.Audio]

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