An all-new analog synth from Roland.

Roland has unveiled the latest in its line of Boutique synths, an instrument designed in collaboration with US synth company Studio Electronics.

Unlike previous models in Roland’s Boutique series, which offered compact reissues of classics such as the TB-303 and Jupiter-8 synths, the SE-02 is an original three-oscillator synth. It also contains real analog circuits, as opposed to the analog modelling technology found inside Roland’s earlier Boutiques and AIRA synths.

The control panel, three-oscillator architecture and ladder filter is reminiscent of  Moog’s Minimoog Model D, but features like cross modulation and filter feedback loop should help it stand out from clones like the Behringer D.

As well as featuring extensive controls on the front panel and a built-in step sequencer, the SE-02 has control voltage and gate inputs on the rear along with trigger in and out for connecting to other analog gear.

The SE-02 is the first in what Roland’s calling the “Boutique Designer Series”. It’s not clear what this means for the Boutique range going forward, but it could mean more collaborations with real boutique manufacturers like Studio Electronics, which is best known for its Boomstar synth.

According to Synthtopia, the SE-02 is expected to cost just $499.99. A release date has yet to be confirmed but it should be arriving “soon” – find out more at the Roland website.

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