Image via: Qu-Bit Electronix

A neutron star for your modular synth.

Eurorack specialist Qu-Bit Electronix has introduced a new module called Pulsar.

The module is a burst generator that the US boutique company says is based on pulsars, neutron stars that emit beams of electromagnetic radiation through space.

Pulsar has eight “dispersion modes” that create different stream types, including binary, random, fractal and euclidean. Qu-Bit has even included gravity and absorb controls inspired by real physics that affect the behavior of each burst.

The module is available now and costs $289. Earlier this year, Qu-Bit released four other Eurorack modules: a random voltage generator called Chance, a quad voltage-controlled filter called Tone, a four-channel stereo mixer called Mixology and a quad envelope generator called Contour.

Watch it in action below and find more information at the Qu-Bit website.

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