Go behind the scenes of an Aphex Twin classic.

Richard D. James has revealed how he made Drukqs track ‘Vordhosbn’ in a behind-the-scenes video.

Posted to a Vimeo account that appears to be run by the Warp veteran, the screengrab video features a beatless version of the ‘Drukqs’ favorite running in PlayerPro, the tracker software that he has previously stated was used to write the 2001 album.

Tracker software has its roots in the Amiga computers of the ‘80s, sequencing notes with numerical values instead of the visual piano rolls seen on DAWs like Ableton Live.

Use of tracker software has fallen off since James wrote Drukqs, but they’re still out there – Renoise (a favorite of Venetian Snares) is the most well known, but PlayerPro is still available as a free download for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The video is one of several recent reveals from James on his process, who has spent a lot of his career keeping a lid on how he makes his music. Last month he revealed what’s in his modular rig, and this month shared an illuminating interview with Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi. [via Reddit]

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