The Moog favorite gets a host of new features.

Moog’s Minitaur was released over five years ago, but the US company is still updating it, with the launch of version 2.2 of the synth’s firmware.

The free update adds a number of requested features, primarily new LFO waveforms including sample and hold. These waveforms can be accessed via shortcuts on the front panel.

Another feature added to the compact synth is the ability to use the filter envelope as a modulation source, which opens up new analog percussion possibilities. It’s also possible to modulate oscillator two only, using a new hard sync option.

Moog has also updated the Minitaur editor and librarian software, which now features full Windows support and support for the new features. Both updates are free to Minitaur owners, and can be downloaded here.

The $499 Minitaur is one of Moog’s most popular and affordable modern synths, with production outlasting both the Slim Phatty and Minimoog Model D reissue.

Update, August 10: Moog is now shipping the Minitaur with version 2.2

Moog has started shipping the Minitaur with version 2.2 of the firmware through October 10, and each unit sold will also come with a free set of wood side pieces.

You can see what’s new in version 2.2 here, and watch the new features explained in the video below.

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