The digital supermodule for Eurorack is on Kickstarter now.

Los Angeles-based synth company Percussa has launched a new Eurorack module on Kickstarter it says offers the processing power of “roughly 10 digital Eurorack modules”.

The Percussa Super Signal Processor (SSP) is powered by the same quad-core ARM cortex A17 platform used in the company’s Synthor System 8, a digital synth launched earlier this year controlled by a unique cube interface.

While the SSP has a similar audio engine sitting inside, it features 24 audio jacks encompassing 14 CV inputs, two audio inputs and eight audio outputs.

It includes 10 built-in DSP modules: a wavetable oscillator, sampler, LFO with sine, saw, square and triangle waveforms, variable frequency noise, DC generator, enveloped generator, waveshaper, comb filter, state variable filter and step sequencer. The synth also allows you to upload sounds for the wavetable module or sampler via the audio inputs or SD card.

The 60HP unit starts at $1,450 for a DIY kit, with an assembled unit costing $1,500. The Kickstarter campaign’s target $20,000 has already been exceeded, but a stretch goal has been added that will see support for multidimensional polyphonic expression (MPE) added to the synth if the campaign raises over $35,000.

The Percussa SSP is expected to be released in May 2018. Find out more at Kickstarter and watch a prototype of the module in action below.

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