LANDR wants to be your all-in-one destination for releasing music.

Online mastering service LANDR now gives you the option to distribute your tracks to streaming services for as little as $1 a month, making it one of the cheapest ways for musicians to self-release their music.

The company’s standalone distribution service will handle the release of music onto platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music and Pandora.

It also promises that artists get to keep all royalties and rights, and will also provide a dashboard with streaming data, listener location, downloads and revenue.

Speaking to Ask.Audio, LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon said that any music that doesn’t infringe on copyright or include racism or hate speech will be accepted,  aided by audio fingerprinting technology to detect copyrighted content.

He also confirmed that by October, the service will offer a detailed view on a user’s earnings (per store, per country, per song) as well as a tool that will allow collaborators to split a track’s earnings between them.

LANDR launched back in 2014 as a way for musicians to get their music mastered quickly and inexpensively, using algorithms to do the job of mastering engineers.

It initially launched a combined mastering and distribution subscription service a few months ago, but the new standalone option will give anyone who doesn’t need mastering a very competitive distribution option.

The company is offering everyone the opportunity to distribute two tracks for free through the service before committing. Find out more at the LANDR website.

Last year, LANDR partnered with SoundCloud to offer free mastering for users of the service.

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