Now you can jam wirelessly with Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live.

Bitwig Studio has updated to version 2.2, adding support for Ableton’s Link technology among other improvements to the upstart DAW.

Ableton Link support means that the software can now sync wirelessly with any other software that also supports the technology, including Ableton Live itself, Reason 6, Maschine and a number of iOS and Android apps.

Also added in the update is a time shift device, which can make “fine-grained time adjustments” anywhere in your device chain in order to get things synced up in time with each other.

There’s also four new modulator devices: Polynom, which allows you to change modulation signals by feeding in a mathematical formula, Quantize, which reshapes and smooths modulation signals, a classic sample and hold modulator and Audio Rate, which lets you use any audio signal in your project as a modulation source.

Other features include an onscreen keyboard panel for use with both touch screen devices and mouse, and a dual display option that allows you to add a touch screen display alongside a traditional monitor.

Bitwig is also adding lots of new sound content to the software. The update includes over 3GB of multi-sampled instruments and presets, including organ, piano and TR-606 drum machine sounds.

Bitwig Studio 2 was launched earlier this year, packing lots of innovative features that many of its rivals don’t have, such as unique modulators and dedicated MIDI and CV devices for using with gear like modular synths.

Bitwig Studio 2.2 is free for owners of Bitwig Studio 2, which costs $399/€379.

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