Contour and Dynamix are available now.

Make Noise has launched two new Eurorack modules inspired by its tiny, patchable 0-Coast synthesizer.

Both the Contour and Dynamix have circuits derived from the 0-Coast, a single-voice synth released by Make Noise in 2016 that adopts both East Coast and West Coast synthesis techniques from classic Moog and Buchla systems.

Contour, which costs $120, is an analog four-stage ADSR envelope generator designed to create control voltages for Make Noise’s Dynamix and modDemix modules as well as fast VCAs and VCFs. According to Make Noise, it’s inspired by the loudness contour circuit found in the original Minimoog.

Dynamix costs $170 and functions as a fast two-channel low pass gate, dynamics manager and mixer. It allows for AM synthesis, features an audio side-chain input for expansion and ducking of signals and also allows for audio controlled modulation depth when processing control voltages.

Contour and Dynamix are available for pre-order from Control. The modules follow the release of Make Noise’s Morphagene, a “microsound and tape music module” that can capture, process and regenerate sounds from inside and outside your modular.

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