A free recording tool from the streaming giant.

Spotify has acquired the free recording studio program SoundTrap in order to allow users to make their own music.

The Stockholm-founded SoundTrap is a free browser-based production studio designed to be easy to use for new and experienced producers alike. It also allows multiple users to work together on a single project, making both collaborations and production classes easily accessible online.

While Spotify’s main competition is Apple Music, the acquisition gives users a free alternative to that company’s iOS-only GarageBand. The comparison was made explicit by SoundTrap’s own co-founder Per Emanuelson while talking to The Next Web in 2015.

“When Steve Jobs introduced GarageBand, he said half of US households had an active musician in them. Most tools out there today focus on the pro-musician though,” he explains. “Some people can’t deal with all those options but are still very musically talented. We thought: How do we make this as useable as something like Instagram, but still have quality?”

Learn more on SoundTrap’s website and look for it on Spotify soon.

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