Maschine is getting its next major update in December.

Native Instruments released the third iteration of its popular Maschine beat-making hardware earlier this year, but it isn’t done with 2017 yet. In a recent blog post, the Berlin company has outlined some exciting new changes to the Maschine software coming in December, including time-stretching, loop hot-swapping and a gate mode.

Real-time sample time-stretching will be familiar to anyone who uses Ableton Live’s warp function, but soon you’ll be able to do it on Maschine. “Pre-cut loops will simply play in time with the project, no matter their speed, and they’ll adjust automatically to the project’s tempo changes,” NI’s Chad Carrier says on the NI blog. “The Audio plug-in does the hard work for you. After that, the Pattern behaves as it always has, whether it contains MIDI, audio loops, or a combination of both.”

NI claims the new loop hot-swapping feature is useful when you need some creative inspiration in the studio. It allows you to load audio loops into your Maschine project as easily as you would change a synth preset, enabling you to browse loops quickly until you find something that fits. The gate mode, meanwhile, means a loop will only be heard when you hit the pads, also opening up possibilities for melodic re-pitching.

Maschine 2.7 will be available as a free update for Maschine 2 owners in December.

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