The MiniBrute family goes modular.

Arturia is officially moving into the world of Eurorack. Today (January 17), the French company announced two new cases under the RackBrute name in 88HP and 176HP sizes.

Both the RackBrute 3U and RackBrute 6U come with a built-in +12V, -12V and +5V power module, which allow you to plug in any Eurorack modules and start using them straight away. However, the cases are also designed to attach to Arturia’s MiniBrute 2 synths (announced earlier this week) using the new Arturia Link fixture.

Arturia RackBrute 6U

While other big companies like Roland have already experimented with bringing Eurorack to the masses, Arturia’s RackBrute solution is one of the more novel approaches. Although the MiniBrute 2 with keyboard looks a little odd bolted to a modular, the sequencer-focused MiniBrute 2S could be a great way of controlling a rig on stage or in the studio, specially with the new patch bay.

The cases also appear to be very portable, each including a carry handle and spacers to keep your modules safe when transporting everything to a gig. There’s also a travel bag available to store everything in if you want added protection.

At $259 and $359 respectively the RackBrute 3U and RackBrute 6U aren’t exactly the cheapest powered Eurorack cases on the market, but they are roughly in line with cases like Tiptop Audio’s $335 Mantis. Both models are expected to ship in February.

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