Featuring an eerie original score from James Leyland Kirby.

London-based audiovisual artist Weirdcore is a mainstay of experimental and electronic music scenes across the world. His unique, maximalist style has provided the basis for unforgettable visual work for Radiohead, Tame Impala, Charli XCX and Oneohtrix Point Never and, perhaps most memorably, spectacularly glitched-out live visuals and videos for Aphex Twin.

With [ -0º ], Weirdcore takes us on a lysergic spin around a chilly floral landscape, accompanied by the eerie orchestral sounds of an original score by James Leyland Kirby, also known as The Caretaker. It was Weirdcore’s surreal visual language that Kirby sought for his epic, six-stage ambient album cycle Everywhere at the End of Time, for which the artist provided visualisations for the first two stages and will go on to visualise the remaining four.

Developing the hauntological themes of memory and loss that run through Kirby’s releases as The Caretaker, with [ -0º ], Weirdcore makes the familiar strange, stitching together a hallucinatory vision from dizzying digital effects and quotidian imagery.

You can check out releases from James Leyland Kirby’s various aliases, including The Caretaker, The Stranger and V/Vm, at History Always Favours The Winners.

For more information about Weirdcore and his work, you can visit his website.

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