Taken from Untold, an album released in tandem with Loizou’s first poetry collection, A Tellurian Memorandum.

Sophia Loizou envisions six speculative sentient landscapes in Untold: A Tellurian Memorandum, an ambitious multidisciplinary project spanning a book of poetry, a 30-minute soundscape and an AV show.

‘Anima’ is the first excerpt from the project, in which Loizou re-interprets geological formations to highlight the complex, symbiotic, non-human lifeforms that make them up. “I wanted to portray an open and empathic multiform future,” she explains, “a world that celebrates the vibrant, messy and multifaceted beauty of non-human forces and forms.”

Both Loizou’s soundscape, Untold, and her debut book of poetry, A Tellurian Memorandum, arrives on September 25 via Houndstooth.

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