An interactive experience soundtracked by Moor Mother and DJ Haram.

Fact has teamed up with Krakow’s Unsound to present a selection of performances from this year’s online edition of the festival, which is themed around the idea of Intermission – an appropriate one for a world put on hold by COVID-19.

Today (Friday, October 9) at 22:30 CEST we present Significant Harmonies in Space, an interactive digital collaboration between 700 Bliss (Moor Mother and DJ Haram) and NY-based directors and visual artists Pussykrew.

The commissioned work is “a piece that includes a non-linear narrative, where participants can choose their own path. In this interactive journey, participants explore vast landscapes and discover different elements inspired by the music and lyrics of 700 Bliss.”

As this session takes place in a virtual environment, it requires participants to enter the space on time. The environment will only be open for 60 minutes. The live game journey will take place here. If the virtual environment is full, you can also watch via Twitch above.

Presented with the Polish Cultural Institute New York and co-curated with Sonar +D as a part of We Are Europe collaboration program.

This event is free of charge, but you can support it and donate here.

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