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FACT mix 329: Jus-Ed

Written by FACT Team on Monday, May 14 2012

The daddy of Northeastern house music rolls out this week’s FACT mix.

Frankly, it’s just ridiculous that it’s taken this long for us to ask Jus-Ed to contribute to our series. We’ve long been huge admirers of both Ed’s own productions, and the music that he releases on his label Underground Quality – in fact, if there’s a US house label that regularly has us as in awe as UQ does, then it’s certainly not springing to mind this morning. We’d use a word like “flattened”, but it’s never a surprise when a great new Jus Ed 12″ hits shelves they’re simply always on point.

Ed’s from Connecticut and proud, but his influence spreads throughout the Northeastern region of the United States – Underground Quality, as both a label and a series of parties, has been instrumental in helping bring through some of the region’s most loved DJs and producers in Levon Vincent, Fred ‘Black Jazz Consortium’ P and DJ Qu, not to mention that Nina Kraviz girl that the house world has been collectively losing its mind over for the last eighteen months or more .

Ed’s productions are often devastatingly simple: just a chunky drum loop, some well-timed samples and an uncanny level of tension, but there’s a magic to them that only someone with Edward McKeithen’s experience and talent can bring to the label. As a DJ, things are kept pretty similar: his FACT mix has a straight 4/4 beat, and mixing that’s nice and long, but never flashy. It’s all about the tunes and playing them in a way that makes sense. Keep it simple, stupid.

No tracklist on this one, so time for the spotters to put in some work in the comments section.

FACT mix 329 – Jus Ed (May ’12)

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